Southeast Conference receives $49 million (and another ~$15 million in cash and in-kind contributions by many of its partners) on behalf of the Alaska Mariculture Cluster as a winner in the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) historic Build Back Better Regional Challenge.

September 2, 2022

President Biden announced today that the Alaska Mariculture Cluster (AMC), led by Southeast Conference, has been selected as one of 21 winners of the $1 billion Build Back Better Regional Challenge. These funds, $49 million plus another ~$15 million in cash and in-kind contributions by partners, will be used to provide transformational development of a viable and sustainable mariculture industry producing shellfish and aquatic plants for the long-term benefit of Alaska’s economy, environment, and communities.

The AMC’s winning proposal gets its blueprint from years of work by the Alaska Mariculture Task Force whose previous work provided several publications and plans to overcome the many challenges and systematic barriers faced by the industry. The proposal includes 7 unique yet interdependent projects that together will support sustainable growth of the industry. Southeast Conference’s Executive Director, Robert Venables stated, “The strength of this application has its roots in the many years of work done by the Governor’s Alaska Mariculture Task Force. They truly deserve the credit for our success today.”

At the heart of the AMC’s proposal is a commitment to collaboration and inclusion, ensuring resources and opportunities are available and uniquely tailored to the needs and cultural values of communities throughout coastal Alaska. This commitment could not have been achieved without the close collaboration and support of the AMC’s many partners. “I’m really pleased to see this unique coalition come together across the state that has a strong commitment to the underserved communities in rural Alaska,” said Robert Venables.

Special thanks to our coalition members and partners!